Bin Rashid is an embroidery-powered brand that blends glamour and comfort in eastern wear. It started in 2021 with the goal of making trending fashion accessible to women who like to flaunt and are comfortable wearing eastern clothing.

Bin Rashid Clothing

The brand's originality and finesse in contemporary and vintage embroidery designs quickly gained popularity among audiences both in Pakistan and abroad. As a result, Bin Rashid pk has become a high-end fashion brand known for its supreme quality and presence not only in multiple locations in Pakistan, but worldwide as well in the countries like UK and US through online stores.

Bin Rashid Winter collection

Bin Rashid Pk has beautiful dresses with Pashmina, embroidery, Karahi and Peach shirts. Name of some winter collections are Bano, chandani, anarkali, Sephora, sang-e-mah, mashal, husn-e-jahan, jugnoo and muskan.

Bin Rashid Summer collection

Bin Rashid Pk summer collection is worth watching. Moral, Shalay and Doshalay are beautiful summer collections of Bin Rashid.