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Collection: EMBROIDERED VELVET 2022 Gulaal

Gulaal latest Velvet Collection by KAPRAYE.COM

Our velvet collection gulaal is beautifully designed with some of the most exclusive materials to create a timeless look, with a modern design.The velvety velvet collection with its unique blend of good designs, exclusive fabrics and quality finishing is an excellent choice for your living room and bedroom.

Velvet Collection by Gulaal 2022

A modern classic, our velvet collection is perfect for your home. Crafted from luxurious wool and given a warm golden hue by an antique finish, it provides a striking look that blends effortlessly with other furnishing fabrics.

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Gulaal collection is online in our store you can grab your favourite dresses. we provide world wide delivery on our articles with unstitched articles 1-2 weeks delivery and for  stitched articles we provide 2-4 weeks in delivery.


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